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Urgent Request/Mission Opportunity

My husband is traveling to Ghana, West Africa this month as part of a team from our church on a medical mission trip. This will be his fourth trip to Ghana, but he has been planning to do something special on this trip, and we just found out that his plans may not come to fruition.

Three years ago, after his second mission trip to Ghana, he and a friend with a common passion began forming a nonprofit foundation to dig water wells in Ghana to provide clean drinking water for people in remote villages. Since the formation of Firehouse Wells, they have been raising funds and accepting donations so that they could dig a well during the mission trip this January. We have established a relationship with a pastor in Ghana who has been working to find a crew to dig the well, but no one wants to travel to a remote area for just one well. Now we are faced with the seemingly impossible task of raising at least $4,300 in the next week to fund two wells, so a crew will be willing to dig them.

20140107-115313.jpgPlease help us provide clean water for the people of Ghana. You can visit to make a donation in any amount by credit/debit card. If you would rather donate cash or send a check, please contact me for the address. Their website is having some issues, but you can read more under “About” and click “Donate” to submit a donation.

In Luke 18:27, “Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” We are trusting Him to do the impossible.

The Jesus Story by Dr. William H. Marty

This short biblical study book summarizes the New Testament and writes it in plain English, so it is easier to read and understand. I ordered this book because I thought it would be great to read aloud as a family, and it does work well for our eight year old but is still a little too wordy and mature for our five year old. I’ll hold on to this book to use in the future for family devotions.

I enjoy reading the Bible in chronological order, and this narrative of the New Testament provides an easy-to-read, chronological version. The book is divided into just seven chapters, and each chapter ends with a summary of the events from that portion of Jesus’ life and legacy. The epilogue summarizes the book of Revelation in two and a half pages, so this isn’t a complete retelling of the New Testament, but it does cover the life of Jesus, which is the author’s purpose in writing The Jesus Story.

This book offers a fresh look at the story of Jesus, His ministry, and the early church. I would recommend reading it if you have already read through the New Testament to gain a new perspective.