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Blood and Bone by Don Hoesel

At first glance, this book did not appeal to me. In fact, the words and images on the cover caused me to scroll past this book to see what else Bethany House had available to review. After browsing the other titles, I read the blurb for Blood and Bone and decided I would venture out again and try a new (to me) author. I had no idea what I was in for!

This book boasts enough suspense and action for two novels. From the opening scene, we are thrown into a treasure hunt full of mystery, intrigue, and danger. There is very little romance in this book, but we witness true love and devotion as we follow a husband and wife team around the globe as they risk their own lives to save those they hold most dear. The spiritual references are a natural and subtle part of the text despite many historical religious references. The story is fast-paced and kept me up well past my usual bedtime for the few days it took me to read it. Jack Hawthorne is a modern-day Indiana Jones, and his wife Espy is just as resourceful and adventurous as Jack.

While this novel can be read alone, I would recommend reading Elisha’s Bones and Serpent of Moses by Don Hoesel, the first two books in the Jack Hawthorne series, before reading this third installment. I have not read the first two books, but reading Blood and Bone has awakened in me a desire for more adventure and suspense.