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Skull Creek Stakeout by Eddie Jones (guest post by my son)

I started this blog for my mother and I to share what we think about the books we are reading, but my mom has yet to write her first post.  My eight year old son has become quite an avid reader and wanted to know when he could write a “book report” on my blog.  He’s so cute and maybe a little nerdy like his mama.  Here is a photo of him with the book he finished reading last night.


This is the second book in the Caden Chronicles series, which was written with middle school boys in mind.  My son is reading above his grade level, and he thoroughly enjoyed both books and can’t wait to get the next one.  There have been a few nights where he has gotten in trouble for reading past his bedtime.  He couldn’t believe how late it was because he was so engrossed in the book.  He is so much like me when it comes to reading.  I may have to change the name of this blog if he’s going to continue to write reviews, especially if my mom doesn’t get on board pretty soon.  I know she has been reading.  I think she’s just shy.  My son obviously has no lack of self-confidence!

Here is his “book report”:

What I like:  I like how Nick Caden follows people around and kind of interviews them.  He is on a vampire case in Transylvania, North Carolina.  The book is very suspenseful.  He has a crush on a girl Meg.

About the book:  In Skull Creek Stakeout, a vampire’s running loose, and 14 year old Nick Caden’s on the case.  Nick has to find out who killed Mr. Forester and save Meg.  Don’t forget to read book one Dead Man’s Hand.

I have read several pages over his shoulder, and the book seems well written and interesting.  It is a mystery with an amateur detective who often gets himself in trouble with his sleuthing.  If you have a boy/young man that likes to read (or one that needs to read more), this book would keep him entertained.

Update: I should have mentioned that my son purchased this book at our church bookstore, and it is Christian juvenile fiction, so the ghost and vampire theories are interesting but disproved in the end.

Death by the Book by Julianna Deering

This is the second installment in the Drew Farthering Mystery series. You can read my review of the first book here. Death by the Book could be read alone, but I would highly recommend reading Rules of Murder first. As with the first book, I received Death by the Book from Bethany House Publishers for free in exchange for an honest review.

Death by the Book continues the romance between two of the main characters who, along with Drew’s best friend, share a passion for good mysteries. Aunt Ruth from America enters the fray as a somewhat comedic antagonist to the charming Englishman.

The setting is a small, English village in 1932, and Drew Farthering finds himself in the middle of another murder investigation, but these murders are different. The clues are vague, and there seems to be no motive nor any connection between the victims. It proves to be a real puzzle for Drew and the Chief Inspector, who actually requests Drew’s help this go around and even calls him Detective. Drew and his friends put many pieces of the puzzle together, but this murderer may prove more clever than they are.

This mystery does not disappoint and will keep you guessing until the murderer’s identity is revealed at the end. I am thoroughly enjoying this mystery series and hope there will be a few more installments before Drew retires from his amateur sleuthing.