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Five Days in Skye by Carla Laureano

I loved this book! In fact, I re-read parts of it yesterday and smiled at the humor and early rapport between the main characters. As a woman who met and married her husband in a mere three months, whirlwind romances speak to me–the necessity of being honest with someone, letting them see the real you right away, not hiding behind false pretenses, revealing your past without excusing your mistakes. Deep conversations, boldness, and honesty take precedence over making a good first impression.

Romance in novels and film usually equates with sexual intimacy. While ample sexual tension develops between the characters in Five Days in Skye, they exhibit self-control and honor the moral and ethical boundaries they have established for themselves. A deeper intimacy develops between the characters and also between the characters and God.

The setting is described vividly by the author, and now I have a strong desire to visit the Isle of Skye, a location heretofore unknown to me. Carla Laureano lives in Denver, but she describes Scotland as someone intimately acquainted with the area. She is honest about its cold temperatures and damp weather, but her words paint a picture of breathtaking beauty and serenity, giving credit to the Creator for His handiwork.

Five Days in Skye contains no sex or inappropriate language, but there are many references to alcohol. One of the main characters is a chef and restaurateur, who has gastropubs in England and Scotland and prepares delectable meals in his family’s home on the Isle of Skye. He knows which wines to pair with specific dishes, and he recommends drinking wine in Paris and ale in London. There is no drunkenness, and given the cultural and culinary influences, I was not offended by the consumption of alcohol in this novel.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and fell in love with the characters. I have no reason to believe there will be a sequel, but I would love to read more about James and Andrea and to delve deeper into the lives of the other characters.