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Coldwater Revival by Nancy Jo Jenkins

It has been a long time since a romance novel captured my heart and mind as Coldwater Revival did, and I didn’t really know it was a romance until late into the book. Nancy Jo Jenkins writes with lyrical prose, which consists mostly of the thoughts and actions of her main character, Emma Grace. I enjoyed her use of words and phrases common in the depression era and the way the story seemed to flow straight from Emma Grace’s mind. This coming-of-age story is beautifully written and reminds us that God is with us through pain and tragedy, loss and love.

This is not a new book but one that has been on my nightstand for a couple of years now. I wish I had taken the time to read it before now. The best compliment I can grant it is that it reminds me of my favorite book, The Notebook, which is the only book apart from the Bible that I have read repeatedly.