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Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

Have you ever not wanted to finish a book because you were enjoying it so much?  I seriously put off reading the last 25 pages of this emotionally-charged, romantic comedy because I did not want the story to end.  Fortunately, this novel is part of a series, so the characters will continue to make appearances in the remaining books. 

Like Never Before is Melissa Tagg’s second installment in her Walker Family series, which is set in a small town in her native Iowa.  Over two years ago, I read Tagg’s first Walker Family novel From the Start and the novella Three Little Words that serves as a prequel to the series.  The only reason I hadn’t read any of the other books in this series is my local public library has none of Tagg’s books.  (I read way too many books to buy them—75 already this year!)  I brought this to the attention of a librarian and requested that they order some of Tagg’s books.  The librarian wrote it down and offered to look into it, but she then suggested that I try an interlibrary loan, which I had never done before.  (Interestingly enough, an interlibrary loan is mentioned in the book.)  About a week later, I received an email that this book was ready for me to check out.  I was in the middle of another book, but I started reading Like Never Before as soon as I finished Persuasion.  I was somewhat disappointed with the ending of Jane Austen’s classic because I wanted more details, more emotions.  After the long, drawn out narrative leading up to the climax, the ending seemed rushed.  I felt Tagg provided just the right amount of details and emotional responses in closing Logan Walker’s story.  

If you haven’t read any of Melissa Tagg’s novels, I highly recommend them.  They are delightful, funny, and inspiring. 

Here to Stay by Melissa Tagg

 A couple of years ago, I wrote a review for Made to Last by Melissa Tagg and enjoyed the lighthearted romance immensely.  Then, I read Three Little Words, which is a free novella and our introduction to the Walker family from Tagg’s latest series.  While reading Three Little Words, I came across a familiar character from Made to Last, who was at a completely different stage of life, and I had no idea how he got there!  I realized I had missed a book in between the two novels, so I’ve had Here to Stay on my wish list for awhile but had too many other books waiting to be read to justify buying it.  I have finally gotten caught up and just happened to receive this book as a gift a few weeks ago.  Perfect timing!

All Autumn Kingsley has ever wanted is to travel the world, but she is stuck in her small hometown of Whisper Shore, Michigan, running her family’s inn.  She has an opportunity to leave, but she feels guilty about leaving the inn and her faithful staff.  Then a completely unexpected and unwanted person returns to town and invades her space. 

Blake Hunziker is as close to a prodigal son as I have found in fiction.  There are a couple of differences though.  First, he left because he felt guilty, not because he wanted to squander his father’s money.  Secondly, he worked and provided for himself while he was away.   Nevertheless, he returns home ashamed of his current reputation and still harboring guilt over his brother’s death.  He has a long road ahead of him to mend relationships with those affected by his brother’s death.  

Kingsleys and Hunzikers are modern-day Capulets and Montagues, and Autumn and Blake only team up because they each need the other’s help.  Blake wants to earn the respect of the town but doesn’t know where to begin organizing an event he hasn’t attended in several years.  Autumn wants to impress an important guest who will be staying at her inn, and she could definitely use Blake’s help sprucing up the inn.   They agree to help each other for the good of the town and the inn, but somewhere along the way, walls begin to come down, and the reasons they hated each other aren’t quite so clear anymore.

This is a beautiful tale of redemption and forgiveness, but it’s also a story full of hopes and dreams and how those dreams often change as we go through life.  Romans 8:28 fits this book perfectly–“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  We suffer through many disappointments often to discover that God had something better in mind for us than what we had planned.  Other times, He allows us to experience pain or loss, so that He can bless us in a new and different way.  This also reminds me of Jeremiah 29:11–“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  God is such a good father and wants what is best for us.  We only need to be open to accepting his will and trusting Him with our lives.  Easier said than done, I know.  Just remember that He knows so much more than we can imagine, and He will work out everything for our good.  How can you go wrong by putting your faith in Him?

One Enchanted Christmas by Melissa Tagg

Back in May, I read Three Little Words and From the Start by Melissa Tagg and enjoyed her writing so much that I signed up to receive email updates from her, which are just as humorous as her books.  Because of those emails, I was able to download One Enchanted Christmas, an e-novella by Melissa Tagg, on the day it released, which was just two days ago.   I finished reading this humorous and romantic story last night and wanted to let you know that you too can download it for only 99 cents right now on Amazon.  The entertainment is definitely worth a dollar!


Maren Grant is an author who is infatuated with her main character and then gets to meet the cover model for her book, who looks amazingly like the character she had created in her mind/book.  What happens a year after their “enchanted” night out takes Maren on an unexpected journey that is both humorous and heartwarming. This is a wonderful book to read during this Christmas season.  

Melissa Tagg is a “total Iowa girl”, according to her bio, and most of her books are set in Iowa.  If you are from Iowa or live there now, you’ll definitely enjoy Tagg’s books. 

NFL Mom Interview and Mother’s Day Giveaway from Melissa Tagg

Author Melissa Tagg recently had the opportunity to interview Wilma “Char” McNabb, mother of former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb.  It’s an interesting article and focuses on Mama McNabb’s dedication and efforts to support her son’s dream.  While her love for and devotion to her son are admirable, I finished reading the article wondering if Mama McNabb trusts in God or her son.  After I listened to the song she wrote, I was more troubled.  One line states, “He gives me strength when I am weak,” and another, “He’s my light when I can’t see.”  These lyrics would be perfect in a praise song to God, but these are describing her son.  Am I misinterpreting this?  Read Melissa’s post and let me know what you think.  While you are there, be sure to enter her giveaway for a “Dream” bracelet, two DVDs, and a Target gift card.  

From the Start by Melissa Tagg


Awhile back, I reviewed Made to Last by Melissa Tagg and jumped at the chance to review her latest novel.   She  has also written a novella that is the prequel to this first book in her Walker Family series, and the e-novella is available for free as a digital download from Bethany House Publishers or on Amazon.  It isn’t necessary to read the novella first, but it’s a great, short love story. 

From the Start is a delightful romantic comedy set mostly in Iowa.  Melissa Tagg knows how important good dialogue is between the characters, and she incorporates just the right amount of wit, history, humor, and truth.  The characters are realistic with flaws and insecurities, and they don’t always say and do the right things, but they trust God to direct their paths.

Colton Greene is a former NFL quarterback who is trying to figure out what he is supposed to do now that an injury has forced him to retire early.  Colton is under contract to write a book about his life, but he doesn’t remember the most devastating thing that happened to him and doesn’t want to discuss it with a writer.  In the process of helping his friend Logan Walker, he meets Logan’s sister Kate, who just happens to be a writer.

Kate Walker is tired of writing romance scripts and wants to do something meaningful with her writing.   She receives an offer but needs money to pay for her travel.  She agrees to write Colton’s book even though she knows nothing about football.  In the process, she learns a great deal about the game and the player.

From the Start is a great book, filled with romance, humor, mystery, and a little suspense.  I highly recommend it. 

I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.  These opinions are my own and are not influenced by the publisher.

Made to Last by Melissa Tagg

 Made to Last is a delightful romantic comedy that will keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next in Miranda Woodruff’s mixed-up life. The life she lives in front of the camera on her reality TV home improvement show isn’t exactly her current reality. Jilted shortly before her wedding three years ago, Miranda has abandoned her faith and lost hope in finding love. She feels like her show is all she has left, and when its future is in question, she takes drastic measures to ensure its survival. Unfortunately, a reporter looking for a juicy story begins to shadow her at the same time that she begins leading a double life. As he uncovers the truth, he must decide whether to use the story to further his career or keep Miranda’s secrets to save her career, reputation, and their friendship.

Full of plot twists and surprises, laughter and tears, Made to Last is entertaining, suspenseful, humorous, and hopeful. Through the characters’ struggles with faith and love, we are reminded that God offers redemption even in our biggest messes.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I forgot to mention that there were some integral characters in this book whose stories were not completed in the pages of this novel. I’m expecting and looking forward to a sequel.