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Composing Amelia: A Novel by Alison Strobel

I downloaded this book for free on Amazon after receiving an email from David C. Cook. I’m a sucker for free stuff. I have downloaded dozens of books that were free and have only read a few so far. I finished my last new release last week and didn’t have anything else on hand to read, so I scrolled through my Kindle library and picked Composing Amelia: A Novel. A few years ago, I read The Ambition: A Novel by Lee Strobel, Alison’s father, and I thought it was an excellent book. While her writing may not be as polished as her father’s, she has written an interesting, well-researched and thought-provoking novel.

The two main characters are a young, married couple who are trying to succeed in their respective careers, but they end up at odds over where they should live and work. Painful scars from their childhoods and pride prevent them from communicating with each other, and their marriage falls apart. Each character must work through doubts, fears, depression, temptation, and more in order to find God’s will for their lives.

One of the main characters is a pastor, so there is an appropriate amount of prayer and theological discussion in the dialogue. Characters wrestle with their faith, trials, and finding God’s will, while more mature Christians give wise advice and reassurance. I felt the religious aspect was tastefully portrayed without feeling preachy. This book gave me a better understanding of those going through depression.

This book read like a contemporary fiction novel; it was interesting and fast-paced. I would recommend this book.