The Mess Detectives and the Case of the Lost Temper by Karen Poth

This I Can Read level 1 book is a cute VeggieTales story about self control. I ordered this book for my six year old to read on her own, but there were several words she didn’t recognize, so I read it to her. She enjoyed the story, but it was very simple.

Bob and Larry are detectives who are trying to find a door slammer. Bob starts out in a bad mood and gets more angry when Larry does silly things while they are supposed to be undercover. Bob loses his temper, and Larry calms him down by simply telling him to stop. Bob thinks about what he did and apologizes. It’s a nice little story but not very realistic. The door slammer turns out to be the wind, so Bob is the only one who lost his temper. The book ends with Proverbs 29:11, which talks about self control.

The Mess Detectives and the Case of the Lost Temper would be a good book for a child who can read on a first or second grade level, but I believe it would be best used as a springboard for a deeper conversation on self control with a younger child. The book does not discuss ways to control your temper or ways to calm down once you are angry (other than Bob stopping to think). This is a short and simple level 1 reader, so I guess I shouldn’t expect too much from the plot and resolution, but the title led me to believe it would help me teach my child to control her temper.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Harper Collins Christian Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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