Undetected by Dee Henderson

I finished reading this book almost two weeks ago but have been debating how to write a review without revealing what happens. I am usually disappointed when a book ends because I want to know what happens later in the characters’ lives. I enjoy reading books in a series because the author provides glimpses into her past main characters’ lives. I felt like this book offered more than a typical stand-alone book, and I appreciated the depth Dee Henderson gave her characters.

I like reading books about characters in the military–I usually learn a lot, and I can live vicariously through the characters. Top Gun was one of my favorite movies growing up, and at one point, I wanted to be a “naval aviator”. Unfortunately, I have terrible vision (very thankful for contacts!), I’m afraid of heights and falling, and I don’t like to hurt anyone or anything (I have a hard time squishing bugs), so I probably wouldn’t make a good fighter pilot. Books like Undetected allow me to get a taste of life in the military–the tension, the suspense, the action and adventure–without leaving the comfort of my home.

Undetected focuses on life in the Navy–on a naval base, on a submarine, visiting family between deployments. Dee Henderson provides many details about life on a submarine without going into too much detail. The characters are deployed for 90 days at a time, but their deployments only span a couple of chapters each, leaving plenty of time to keep the reader engaged in a budding romance while revealing the nuances of life in the Navy.

I believe Dee Henderson has improved her writing style over the years, and this may be her best work. It was thoroughly-researched, well-written, interesting, funny, suspenseful, and romantic. I hope I have convinced you that it is definitely worth reading without spoiling it for you. I tried to be vague but still give you a taste of what to expect.

I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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